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A Glance At Our Energy And Environmenal Related Services

EnProCo optimists energy demand and develop environmentally-related projects.

  • Assembly, analysis and evaluation of processing data.
  • Compilation of overall heat and mass balances for CO2-
  • Detailed calculation of process part contributions to emissions.
  • Technology oriented energy audits.
  • CO2 conversion and utilization in chemical reactors.
  • Hydrogen chemistry, storage, energy cycles.
  • Project of sustainable technologies, as new or combined technologies.
  • De-centralized waste-to-fuel stations.
  • Participation in leading development programs of EU.
  • Structured development for technology improvement.
  • Minimization of emissions, re-utilization of process gas-offs, concepts for green utilization of fuel and substitution of primary to green energies.
  • Analysis and evaluation of process data and compilation of profess flow diagrams (PFD).
  • Footprint of existing factories, description of the processing as it is, basis for optimization tasks.
  • Pinch analysis.
  • Machinery design, its costs and investment calculation.
  • Pipeline design and calculation of pipework.
  • Pump design and characteristics.
  • Listing of machinery pricing, database of pricing.
  • Calculation of realization and reconstruction costs.
  • Estimation of investment cost on different engineering level (first overview, basic calculation, improvement after detailed engineering project.
  • Return of investment, certificate policy, emissions, funding projects.