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Chemical Technology & Design

EnProCo berlin offers professional services of a wide range of technology consultancy with highly experienced engineers and technicians.

  • Kinetics of catalytic reactions, reactor modeling and design.
  • Overcoming chemical equilibrium limitations.
  • Special reaction processes, integration of membrane
    separation with catalytic reactor, shifting of production yield.
  • Multi-phase chemical reactors for CO2 utilization.
  • Structured development for technology improvement.
  • Minimization of primary energy consumption.
  • Analysis and evaluation of process data and compilation of professional flow diagrams (PFD).
  • Footprint of existing factories, description of the processing as it is, basis for optimization tasks.
  • Pinch analysis.
  • Machinery design, its costs and investment calculation.
  • Pipeline design and calculation of pipework.
  • Pump design and characteristics.
  • Primary separation of the crude products from chemical reactors.
  • Layout of complex downstream operations.
  • Balancing and flowsheeting of existing and planned separation lines.
  • Design of rectification columns and evaporators.
  • Combination of chemical reaction and separation, reactive catalytic distillation.
  • Bottlenecking of existing technology, based on footprint balances.
  • Scale up from lab to pilot and production scale.
  • Safety issues by scale-up operation, enthalpy balances, limitations.
  • Increase of production capacity or improvement of product quality.
  • Listing of machinery pricing, database of pricing.
  • Calculation of realization and reconstruction costs.
  • Estimation of investment cost on different engineering level (first overview, basic calculation, improvement after detailed engineering project.
  • Return of investment, certificate policy, emissions, funding projects.