EnProCo Energy, Process, Consulting

Interdisciplinary and independent engineering company with
long-term industrial & development experience in:
• Sugar technology
• Chemical engineering
• Energy & environment-related project

We're the industry leader


Our team supports you in various engineering problems with international experience and industrial references from around the world

We can consult wide spectrum of engineering projects from sugar manufacturing (beet, cane, refining), sugar based technologies (citric acid, bio-ethanol) and petrochemical processes (catalytical reactor design, downstream operations, optimization of the plants) to energy and environment oriented projects (GHG balancing, minimization of primary energy demand, CO2-centric problems)

We are providing projects on different level of engineering projects: feasibility studies, basic design, very basic engineering and detailed engineering services; all levels extended by machinery design, costs structure and calculations of investments

We can support you in English, German, Czech, Russian and Farsi languages

We provide...

Special services of sugar technology

Our specialists are here to help you with sugar technology consultancy!

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We provide...

Special services of chemical engineering

EnProCo Berlin offers professional services of a wide range of technology consultancy with highly experienced engineers and technicians.

We provide...

Special services of energy and environmental consulting

Our team will help you with tasks related to environmental protection, GHG balances, energy demand and CO2 certificates

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